Hello, this is ItalianWithLove.com — online school of Italian language

We are school of Italian and only Italian language

This means that we have the desire and the ability to give all our love and energy only to Italian. And pass it on to you.

Our courses are made for communication in Italian

These courses of spoken Italian are designed to help you use the language.
In messengers or with native speakers.

These courses were developed with native speakers and experts from Italy

These videos were developed with the participation of native speakers and graduates of the most reputable Italian universities: Sapienza Università di Roma (Rome), Università degli Studi di Pisa (Pisa), Università per Stranieri di Siena (Siena)

Absolutely flexible schedule — study when and where it is convenient for you

You can watch the lessons from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
This is how it will be:
on Monday and Wednesday - theoretical modules

You get to know a new topic using videos, texts, tables and diagrams, learn new words and phrases. At the end of each module there are interactive tasks - this means that if you answer the wrong answer, you immediately see how to say it correctly and why.

You can see an example here
on Tuesday and Thursday - practical blocks with Italians

You watch dialogues and monologues with the participation of Italians and prepare for real communication. Each practice block contains a text in Italian and an English translation, so that you can figure it out for sure.

You can see an example here
on Friday - the final tasks of the week and a virtual trip to Italy

You repeat everything you have passed using the test in an interactive format. If everything worked out, you go on a virtual trip to a new Italian city, if not, you solve additional tasks to repeat the topic.

7 native Italian speakers participate in our lessons.

From the first day, you will hear real Italian — the same as in a bar, in the market or just on the street in Rome or Salerno
Course program:
alphabet and reading rules
regions of Italy
gender and number of nouns
gender and number of adjectives
definite and indefinite articles
vocabulary: family
the verbs "essere" and "avere"
vocabulary: acquaintance
first conjugation of verbs
"mi piace" construction
vocabulary: hobbies
second conjugation of verbs
third conjugation of verbs
word order in a sentence
vocabulary: work
irregular verbs
vocabulary: transport
possessive pronouns
vocabulary: apartment
The teacher will help you figure out if something in a new topic is not clear. You can send a question through a special form, the answer will come by mail within 24 hours (usually faster), except for weekends and holidays.
Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask :)
What do you want to ask?
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Still have questions? This is what we are usually asked about:

Is there any feedback? May I ask questions?
Yes, there is feedback. If something is not clear, you can ask the teacher a question and get a personal explanation.
If I can't practice every day, is that a problem?
It is not necessary to practice every day. This is the recommended schedule, which means you can watch these videos comfortably.
Are the materials available for some time after the end of the course?
Yes, all materials are available while studying with us at any course level + 90 days after graduation. Take your time and repeat everything slowly.
Who is the teacher?
The course does not have one teacher, this is the development of the school team with the participation of native speakers.
I don't even know the alphabet. Are these videos right for me?
Yes, we have programs for learning Italian that start right with the alphabet. We will explain everything in simple words, so that you will understand everything for sure.
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